Guía de examen: TOEIC
LESSON FORTY EIGHT(leson forti eit)Lección cuarenta y ocho


EL examen TOEIC es uno de los tests más importantes sobre la eficiencia del lenguaje inglés para personas no nativas. Esta evaluación procura examinar la habilidad del lenguaje inglés de aquellas personas que utilizan este idioma en sus vidas cotidianas.

El resultado que se obtiene en el examen TOEIC indica el nivel con el cual una persona puede comunicarse en inglés con otras personas en un ambiente laboral internacional. Las empresas y organizaciones de todo el mundo emplean esta evaluación a fin de tomar decisiones respecto a qué personas contratar, a quiénes promover o a quiénes capacitar.

A continuación, se darán dos clases de ejercicios que se emplean en este tipo de evaluación.

A) Oraciones incompletas: seleccionar la respuesta más apropiada de las opciones dadas en cada una de las siguientes oraciones.

1) It _________________ on the memo what time the call came in.
a. should always be noted
b. always should be noted
c. should be always noted
d. should be noted always

2) Personnel has had all the references __________________.
a. checked
b. checks
c. check
d. checking

3) If there had been fringe benefits, I ___________________ the position.
a. could consider
b. will be considering
c. considering
d. would have considered

4) If he took Flight 307, he ____________________ on time.
a. arrives
b. arrived
c. was arriving
d. would have arrived

5) A smart consumer gets his or her phone order __________________ in writing.
a. confirmed
b. confirming
c. confirms

6) If you ignore the overhead, you __________________ your expenses.
a. would underestimate
b. will underestimate
c. have estimated
d. underestimating

7) The express train often ______________________ on time.
a. has been arriving
b. arrives
c. is arriving
d. arrive

8) If they ___________________ to an agenda, we must postpone.
a. occasionally agree
b. already are agreeing
c. have yet agreed
d. still have not agreed

9) She _______________________ in system analysis.
a. specials
b. specialization
c. specialist
d. specializes

10) ______________________ terms of quality and service, our company surpasses the competition.
a. with
b. by
c. in
d. from

1. a
2. a
3. d
4. d
5. a
6. b
7. b
8. d
9. d
10. c

B) Reconocimiento de errores: seleccionar la palabra o frase subrayada que sea incorrecta en las oraciones dadas.

1) Since most senior executive is unavailable, I would suggest making an appointment as soon as possible with the most responsible representative.
a. most
b. appointment
c. as soon as possible
d. the

2) After I had advised her to make her plans and invest, she delayed buying and considered to quit the market altogether.
a. to make
b. invest
c. buying
d. to quit

3) It was decided that he deserved credit for the efforts he has to make to create new marketing opportunities.
a. deserved
b. was decided
c. has to make to
d. to create

4) Technological advancements and the demand for new services have sparked entrepreneurial appetites for competition in the next frontier: the space.
a. new services
b. the space
c. technological advancements
d. the next frontier

5) The corporation is restructuring the marketing division to reach the sophisticated consumer interesting in growth opportunities.
a. interesting
b. restructuring
c. sophisticated
d. marketing

6) Although the company prides itself on its uniqueness, they want to expand its national franchises there.
a. itself
b. its
c. there
d. they want

7) The attorney advising a leading manufacturer of underwater diving products cited limiting prospects for future expansion.
a. limiting
b. advising
c. leading
d. diving

8) If your client demands to see our warranty, show it to him and let him read, sign, and return them to us.
a. your
b. him
c. as
d. them

9) The most sophisticated computers should challenge the sharpest minds to develop the more efficient and cleverest programs possible.
a. the sharpest
b. most sophisticated
c. cleverest
d. more efficient

10) Anticipating a recession, the marketing director wanted to develop new products and making new marketing plans for existing products before leaving the market completely.
a. anticipating
b. making new marketing
c. before leaving
d. to develop

1. a
2. d
3. c
4. b
5. a
6. d
7. a
8. d
9. d
10. b